Karen Idaly’s video on twitter and facebook that is going viral

A video uploaded to the “Buenos Días Perú” channel, which has circulated on Facebook since June 8, shows how a mother can be seen in a nightclub blaming her daughter for running away from home, which sparked a storm of criticism in Peru.

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In the clip, the young woman appeared for the first time in a nightclub, dressed in white, drinking and dancing. However, she apparently did not ask for permission as her mother came to the scene angry and she wanted her to leave her.

The events occurred in Pacasmayo, Peruvian state of La Libertad. The teen was upset and embarrassed that her mother took her out of the bar, but she only made things worse when the lady started beating her with a belt.

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The video quickly went viral on the internet and was criticized by netizens.

Some defended her mother’s actions, pointing out that the young woman had to run away from her and that she “will not want to leave for a long time” after being punished. They also said that when the mother is gone, her daughter will appreciate her teaching.

She went to dance and her mother took her out of the club with the “belt”.

In the picture you can see how a young woman in a white dress was drinking and dancing with some friends when her mother arrived and hit her with a belt, taking her out of the party.

Other netizens expressed disagreement with her punishment, pointing out that her mother made her daughter a target of ridicule and that the way she reprimanded her was wrong.