Who is Kateren Idaly? The leaked videos on twitter and facebook

A staple and a comforting meal, who doesn’t love Idli? They’re delicious, super light, and last but not least, packed with loads of nutrients. The South Indian star has also found a lot of fans in Bollywood, including Katrina Cave!

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If you’ve been wondering about the super secret behind this gorgeous actress’s slim body, look no further. You might be surprised that the Katrina diet doesn’t boast fancy trendy dishes, but relies on the simple traditional fare we’ve all grown up eating!

In a recent Instagram post, the 36-year-old actress shared a photo of her breakfast plate and shared some tips she follows to stay in shape. As someone who follows her mother’s logic of eating right, Katrina adds that healthy eating should be a part of life, not a temporary one. Sharing the details, she wrote:

“My mom always told me that healthy eating should be a way of life, not a diet…so I totally agree with @akshaykumar on this…here’s a quick look at my dabba What’s up, so this is my mid-breakfast snack (or as Lord of the Rings would say, a second breakfast 😉). I prefer the option of side dishes. I usually make three chutneys: Moringa Spinach Chutney, Tomato beetroot chutney and pure coconut chutney. Other side dishes can be sambhar or rasam depending on your mood 😉”