Kathleen Kirkwood is dead? – Obituary 2021 – cause of death

About 4 months ago, I received a random e-mail from a Film Production Company Heart Bridge Media, looking for ‘a-kathleen kirkwood’…. it seems my Dad (‘Jerry” Kirkwood’s voice) was recorded on ANALOG Tape, on the Trading floor of CIBC OPPENHEIMER AT ONE WORLD TRADE, along with 7 other men, during the September 11th attacks.

After the Engineer PURCHASED the Tape at a Garage Sale a Decade ago, he and a Tech Partner, began the grueling work of reconstructing the Audio….and finalized after 10 years of engineering determination.

The Audio was Played for joann (my sis), @scullzee32 and I, about 4 months ago, in tonights documentary interview:/ we heard our Fathers’ voice from 20 years ago. for the first time, 4 months ago, during the interview.

Our Dad is no longer with us, yet This indelible mark, of my Fathers Clear, focused effort, to connect with his Daughters to let them know, he was ok, will always be in our Memory

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