Kayla Laws leaked twitter and reddit video onlyf, Missy Laws Hunter moore 2022

A true crime documentary series that lives up to its name by delving into the life of hunter Edward Moore, Netflix’s most hated people on the internet is as dazzling as it is fascinating. Is that because this three-part original is more than a comprehensive introduction to revenge porn site Is Some Up? The founder’s malicious behavior, and his possible, unnecessary selfish motives. Among those willing to share her story as a victim is Kayla Laws – so if you’re interested in learning more about her right now, we’ve got the details for you .

MRandom News Kayla Laws leaked twitter and reddit video onlyf, Missy Laws Hunter moore 2022

Who is Kayla Law?

In October 2011, aspiring actress Kayla Laws took a few intimate photos of herself in front of her bedroom mirror, just for fun, and emailed them to herself for safekeeping. The then 24-year-old actually retweeted them, thinking her account was the best place because she didn’t want to delete them when she realized she was running out of storage space on her phone. However, did the Los Angeles native know that she would soon be hacked and posted the pictures along with links to her social media profiles to Someone Up? January 2012.

When Kayla found herself posted to the site, she was working as a waitress – with a nude photo in the middle of some clothes – and it turned her whole world upside down. She immediately called Charlotte Rouse – her support system, best friend and mother – and in turn, wasted no time going to work to make sure there was no trace of her daughter on the horrific site . However, even though they provided evidence of the hack and claimed copyright, their removal requests were ignored. By this time, strangers had started contacting Kayla online, further hurting her.

As a result, the young woman deactivated her account, locked herself in and, frankly, a little hopeless, until her stepfather, attorney Charles, deleted her photos. However, things are far from over, and Charlotte has started talking to other victims who realize that justice is urgently needed and are involved in a fight that will continue into 2015. According to the documentary series, the mother-daughter duo initially spoke with local authorities, but they allegedly put the blame on Kayla, so the fact that the FBI is desperate to help is a big relief.

Where is Kayla Laws now?

Kayla Laws was the only victim to testify at the Hunter Moore and Charlie “Charles” Evens sentencing hearing in late 2015 — a strength she got from her mother. Among other things, she said: “[Hunter] called himself a career destroyer and that’s exactly what he did to me…I felt exposed, ashamed and in tears. I hope no one will see It, but in one day I lost part of the movie. Not to mention that thousands of strangers saw, commented on, maybe even saved this photo… I’ll carry that experience with me for the rest of my life trauma.”

Despite everything she’s been through, Kayla seems to continue to live in Los Angeles, California, where she’s making a good life as a savvy real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Realty. She has sold more than $32 million worth of real estate over the years, focusing not only on her base cities, but also in areas such as the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and Ventura.