Kazuko Hosoki dead at 83 – cause of death

Kazuko Hosoki, I guess, died on the 8th at age 83 due to respiratory failure. On the 10th, Kaori Hosoki, a daughter and also a guesser, announced on her Instagram. [Instagram] (Full text) There was a sad event. My mother, Kazuko Hosoki, died of respiratory failure on the 8th at the age of 83. It was sudden.

A few days ago I said that she wanted to eat eel and was eating it deliciously. I was happy to bring the cake home, so I had reserved a Christmas cake for my mother. I know that one day I will be there, but when I face it, I feel sadder than I imagined.

However, after I retired, the appearance of spending time at home and happily playing with my great-grandson with a smile was a kind expression that was completely different from those days.

I hate dying in the hospital for a long time! That being said, I was able to spend my time at home without getting sick, and I think it was good that my family had come home to the end as expected. He has poured out a lot of love from a young age, and I am well aware of the happiness I have now, thanks to my babies.

Thanks for your hard work. And thanks. The awakening ceremony and the dismissal ceremony will only be performed by close family members and related persons. The farewell party will be held on November 14.

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