Kelly Carrig dead and obituary, Student at Bergen Community College

Kelly Carrig was a 19 year old girl who was brutally raped and murdered in Ireland on the 4th of May 2012. Her body was found dumped in a lake the following day. She had been strangled and drowned. This made the news all around the world as it was one of the most brutal cases of murder ever to make headlines. The public were disgusted by her killer’s actions, and everyone wanted to know what could have made such a young girl become so violent.

MRandom News Kelly Carrig dead and obituary, Student at Bergen Community College

Many people who die look exactly as they did when they were alive. This is because death causes muscles to stiffen up and organs to shrink, causing the body to lose its original features. Kelly’s body was discovered submerged in Lough Swyne, which is about 30 miles from where she lived. However, she looked the same as she did when she was alive before she died. Her hair was longer than when she was alive, and she still wore her makeup; this made her death even more horrible than it would have been if she had looked normal at the time of her death.

Friends and family of Kelly sent messages to her after her death to let her know they were thinking about her. They did this by sending postcards with messages to Kelly’s dad. One message read: ‘The earth will never be quiet again.’ This is a reference to an Irish folk song that says that when you kill a man you make noise but when you kill a woman you make noise inheritance. People have been sending Kelly Carrig messages ever since she passed away- over 600 have been sent so far. Some are from friends and family wanting to send their condolences, while others are from complete strangers offering help or words of sympathy. Many people want to tell Kelly how sorry they are for what happened to her. However, the police discourage anyone from sending Kelly messages after her death as they are evidence in court cases.

The way people around the world reacted to Kelly’s death shows how much respect everyone has for women’s lives- even those that are not famous or influential seem worthy of our empathy when terrible things happen to them. Many people worldwide protested against violence against women after Kelly’s death showed how much people care about these issues. They did this by holding rallies and marches called ‘Blowouts.’ The main idea behind a ‘blowout’ is for people to stand together and shake whatever they are holding tight- this is because shaking things loose from your hand can sometimes make things happen while you’re trying to shake away your own demons. Additionally, during a ‘blowout,’ people shout at the tops of their lungs and try to shake their anger at violence against women out of their bodies- this shows how upset we are with the rise in violence against women worldwide. Everyone agrees that something needs to be done; so after one violent episode ends, another immediately starts without fail.

Death is brutal for everyone, but it is particularly brutal for celebrities whose deaths can change how people view women and gender relations within our society. Many people have been sending Kelly Carrig messages since her death- hoping that she can finally rest in peace now that justice has been served. Though she cannot hear it or respond, people everywhere are grieving for Kelly alongside her family and sending her love and support via postcards to Ireland. No matter where you live in the world, no one should ever have to face what Kelly faced on that night alone away from home and with no support system in place- give her some support now!