Kelly Ronahan story 2022, is dead or still alive? Whats happened reddit

A young Kelowna woman asked for a very different Christmas present this season, one that could help save lives. Kelly Ronahan was diagnosed with an undiagnosed blood disorder two years ago. As a result, Lonahan relied on regular blood transfusions, sometimes up to once a week.

During Lonahan’s two years of illness, she received more than 800 gallons of blood, roughly the equivalent of 87 four-liter jugs of milk.

While Ronahan knows that some people get neurotic at the thought of the huge amount of blood she’s needed over the past few years, she hopes her story will inspire people to become blood donors.

On Monday afternoon, Ronahan and her family traveled to the Kelowna branch of the Canadian Blood Services to share their story and thank the doctors, nurses and 55 blood donors who helped save her life. To express gratitude and gratitude, the family prepared gift bags for donors and hospital staff.

Gift bags will be delivered Monday afternoon to thank the Canadian Blood Services staff and donors who helped save Kelly’s life.

Canadian Blood Services says they need to add 170,000 more blood donors each year to maintain the nation’s blood supply.

Kelly’s twin sister Gina hopes Kelly’s story will inspire others to donate blood this holiday.

“I’m so grateful,” Gina said Monday. “I know a lot of people rely on blood. Thanks to my sister’s blood.”

Kelly shared her story in pictures and text on social media in hopes of inspiring others to give the gift of life this Christmas by donating blood.