George Zajfen Obituary 2022 – Kelly Zajfen son dead and obituary

Entrepreneur and co-founder of Los Angeles Moms Alliance Kelly McKee Zajfen announced the passing of her son, George, on Thursday (July 21, 2022). George’s death at such a young age came as a shock to Zaifen’s supporters, especially Kelly himself.

MRandom News George Zajfen Obituary 2022 - Kelly Zajfen son dead and obituary

“You are the light of my life,” she wrote on Instagram yesterday. “Your smile makes the room so bright.” Her message has been overwhelmed with reassuring messages and words of support. George was only nine years old.

George Zajfen Obituary 2022

Entrepreneur and charity organizer Kelly McKeezafin announced the death of her son George on Thursday. “My sweet little boy,” she wrote on Instagram. “My world shatters into a million pieces. I can barely breathe. Walk. Function. Sit. Stand. You are the light of my life.

She thanked her “world and tribe” for “lifting me up and pulling me off the ground,” adding, “I couldn’t do it without you.” On November 4 last year, Kylie took to Instagram to celebrate her Birthday of two children, son George and daughter Lily. They are nine years old.

“Happy ninth birthday to beautiful people,” she wrote. “Treat school and go on adventures together. Adventures with the two of you is my favorite. Thank you for making me a mom.” So George Zaffin was only nine when he died. He and Lily are twins.

Kelly did not provide any details that led to her son’s death.
In just 13 hours, Kelly’s post about George’s death has garnered more than a thousand likes and dozens, if not hundreds, of comments from Zaifen family supporters.

Countless of them had never met their families in person, but apparently touched on Kelly’s post.

“Although I have never met you or your family,” wrote one of her followers named Jen, “your pure love for each other is evident in every photo. Your light, your Joy – your love. The lives and splendor of those they shine. I’m sorry. Nothing more to say about this. Sending you love, heartfelt support and deep, fervent prayers. May the light of George always shine you.”

“No text,” another wrote. “I cry for you and your beautiful boy. Sending all the love and strength I have to your family.” Zajfen co-founded Alliance Of Moms, a community of philanthropists supporting pregnancy and pregnancy in Los Angeles’ foster care system Nurturing teenagers.

The Alliance is a membership-based “consciousness generator” organization. Its members work together to support young parents aged 14 to 21 who are placed in foster homes. They do this by hosting parenting and parenting workshops, organizing gatherings, events, and wellness days, and advocating for more protection of people’s rights in Los Angeles’ care system.

Kelly also runs children’s clothing retailer Little Minis. The online store’s website currently says “Opening Soon”. Meanwhile, the Alliance Of Moms store has yet to open. Kelly Zajfen is the mother of twins George and Lily. She and her lawyer husband Julian have been married for 15 years – they celebrated their wedding anniversary on July 3.