Ken Jennings Net worth – is dead or still alive?

Ken Jennings became an anonymous software engineer in Salt Lake City in 2004, when he set a record six-month winning streak on the TV quiz show Jeopardy and became a nerd folk idol almost overnight! In his 75 performances, Ken won 74 games and 2.52 million U.S. dollars, both of which are records of American game shows.

Barbara Walters named him one of the ten most charming people of the year. The Christian Science Monitor called him the “king of trivia” and Slate magazine called him “the Michael Jordan of trivia, the sea cracker of geeks.” ESPN: The magazine described him as “smart (and) good at playing” and with “hall-monitor personality”, thus continuing the long-term national struggle between American athletes and nerds.

Because of his danger! At the end of the winning streak, Ken became a best-selling author. His books include Brainiac on trivia phenomena in American culture, Trivia Almanac by Ken Jennings, the largest ever American trivia book, and Maphead on his lifelong love of geography.

His latest book is “Because I Have the Finale! : The truth behind the myths, stories and warnings of children passed down from generation to generation. Ken currently lives with his wife Mindy, son Dylan, daughter Caitlin, and an extremely unstable Labrador retriever Banjo outside of Seattle, Washington

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