Kevin Collins dead and obituary, Whats happened? the boy who disappeared from a bus stop

Since he was kidnapped after leaving school in 1984, his image has been burned in the vast majority of American homes. Traumatic fate of the main suspect and his family
December 3, 2019.

The file his family prepared to describe him was stripped of emotion. Or try to be. “Caucasian male. Brown hair, grey/green eyes. Collins has freckles on his face and a small scar on the side of his tongue. In 1984, he was a stocky man. A San Francisco Giants jacket and his school uniform, including a A short-sleeved white dress shirt, a dark green sweater, brown corduroy pants, and beige Nike sneakers. Collins suffers from dyslexia, a learning disability that makes it difficult for him to read.

Kevin Collins

Kevin Collins finished his school day and basketball time, sitting on a wooden bench waiting for the city bus to come home. It was 6:40 p.m. m. and on February 10, 1984, he had to go home alone because his brother Gary, who was 11 years old at the time, had accompanied him on the return trip and he had been sick at home. The 10-year-old tries to imitate what he has been doing every time he finishes training. However, that night, he has not been able to sit at the family table.

His parents, Ann Deasy and David Collins, worried. She ran all over the block looking for him. He asked everyone who passed by if they had seen a little boy in a San Francisco Giants jacket and school uniform. On the other hand, his mother called all the houses of his friends, hoping that the other end of the line that she consulted would say “yes, Kevin is hereā€¦” This never happened. At that time, she told them that she could be with someone she knew, but helplessly, she replied that it was impossible, like thinking about a kidnapping.

When they finally caught the officer’s eye, family and friends spread out in search of him. They put their photos in every free place they see. A phone number is clearly visible on the sign. One stands in front of the device and prays to heaven for it to ring. It never happened.

The version about the latter is confusing. One said he was seen talking to a tall, blond man who was walking a black dog, according to witnesses. But no one knew who he was. Others claim that Kevin was staying in a blue 1967 Galaxy Ford. Inside were two suspects. However, none of the leads have grown large enough to arrest the suspects. The boy was the seventh of nine children in a large Irish Catholic family raised by Ann and David in San Francisco.

The movement is getting bigger and the authorities have all the tools to find him alive. It made the front page of every regional newspaper, and even caught the attention of the editors of Newsweek magazine, which was nationally popular at the time. The family force has seen photographs of Kevin appear on milk cartons and other packaged foods across the United States with the caption “Missing.” It was one of the first cases where images of victims were printed on millions of products. The boy’s angelic face is in almost every American home, except where he should be: yours.

Months passed and the investigators had few contradictory and incomplete testimonies. no. It has been suggested that the man behind the kidnapping may be a well-known criminal in the area, known as the Peninsula Serial Killer. His name is Jon Scott Dunkle, a pedophile whose confirmed victim partially matches Kevin’s profile. Dunkel has attacked boys between the ages of 12 and 15 in Sacramento County. The body of the former John Davis was never found. Two others, Lance Turner and Sean Dannehl, were stabbed to death. Other minors almost saved his life. Dunkel was arrested on October 3, 1986 and sentenced to death on February 7, 1990. He was never formally linked to Kevin’s disappearance.

The family was heartbroken after learning that the investigation had not progressed, trying to survive the pain. Ann, David and their uncle Michael Deasy decided to start a foundation to help other families going through the same pain and despair. They call it the Kevin Collins Foundation for Missing Children. The institution closed in 1996. After dozens of frustrated families came to ask for help that they could not offer, since most cases end with the worst news.

“We have dealt with many horrible cases. It has been very painful for all of us. The pain never really ends. When someone you love dies, you have to go through your own grieving process. We were denied, Kevin’s sister, Laura Collins. , 55, told PEOPLE. The unfinished tragedy hit the family hard. His parents were divorced and the little boy’s two brothers were affected by mental illness due to the trauma they experienced. “Depending on what stage of your life or the time of year, things that never bother you can suddenly bother you,” added the woman, who said she hasn’t recovered from what happened in February 1984. Jackie Disey, 74, the boy’s aunt: “Kevin was just one of the children who flew by the house. He was calmer than most kids,” she recalls.