Who is Kim Iversen? Whats happened to comment in twitter and reddit of Ukraine?

Kim Iversen is a tell it like it is, rational political truth teller. Independent thought is no longer apart of mainstream media. Kim is a Progressive who thinks for herself and often doesn’t fit into a political box. 

We created this issue in Ukraine. We ousted their government, installed one we liked, we gave Ukraine confidence and false promises. We then poked the beast over and over with NATO talk and watch on the sidelines cheering for them to fight to the death with zero assistance.

Kim Iversen says this, there is no b.s. broadcaster with years of experience hosting daily national broadcasts on FM channels. Known for her genuine honesty, intelligence, and uncanny ability to relate to people of diverse backgrounds, audiences tuned in to Kim’s show night after night for thought-provoking insights and exciting conversations.

Kim started her broadcasting career as a news anchor at KDVS at UC Davis. It was there that she fell in love with broadcasting and decided to give up her legal career to pursue a career in broadcasting. After interning at KDND in Sacramento, Kim was hired full-time in the advertising department of sister station Alternative Rock KWOD. Her potential as a broadcaster was quickly recognized, and she earned her spot on KWOD and a morning news slot on KCTC, a local affiliate of American Airlines. As it turned out, Kim was a natural born and went on to freelance for VJed at Cablevision News 12 in New York City and Comcast’s “Concert TV.”

After a stint in television, Kim returned to radio to gain more airtime and creative freedom, becoming the morning co-host of WAZY, a CHR radio station in Lafayette, Indiana. It was there that she caught the attention of radio veteran Jack Taddeo, who recognized her skills as a mainstay and persuaded her to host her own show on WQQB, a CHR station near Champaign, Illinois.

There, Kim gained the freedom to create new and exciting morning shows for women. Kim’s popularity in that city has soared, and the attention she has gained has attracted the interest of several major broadcaster executives. Entercom Communications took steps to protect Kim and her show as they set out to set it up as a daily broadcast in several coastal cities. Kim’s national success and Kim’s unique ability to connect with men and women from all walks of life led to her being selected by the United Radio Broadcasting Network, and Kim gained more affiliates and visibility. “Your Time with Kim” airs nightly in more than two dozen cities, including Minneapolis, Denver, Norfolk, Austin, Memphis and Portland. Focusing on women’s interests, from relationship issues to social issues, the show averages five guests and more than 30 callers per night.