This is the second part of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape leaked

Although Kim Kardashian became an icon of glamor and fashion in the 2000s, the porn videos that “made” her famous continue to wreak havoc on her career. Now, 14 years after the leak of it, they have confirmed that there is a very clear The second part. Music producer Wack 100 stated with surprise that there is another part of the sexual content, that is, her relationship with her predecessor Ray J has not yet been announced.

The producer invited Kim’s husband, Kanye West, to contact him to discuss the material. He even said that this may belong to a virtual art called NFT, but that he will only give it to Kanye because Kim is the mother of his son, he told the “Daily Star” portal.

It should be remembered that it was in the last episode of the reality show “Walk with Kardashian” that Kim Kardashian himself recalled the scandal that made her famous in 2007: her banned video with Ray J. According to the celebrity, the material she said would be filmed without her consent because I was so excited when it happened.

“Everybody knows it. My jaw was shaking throughout the video,” Jin pointed out, which once again piqued her interest in her porn videos. Kardashian’s unexpected statement was quickly denied by her ex-partner, who claimed that when she decided to film herself while having sex, her black hair was not affected by any drugs. It is worth mentioning that the banned videos of Kim Kardashian and Ray J. are the best-selling videos in history.

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