Who is kira noir? Photos and videos leaked and scandal onlyf reddit

Kira Noir and Bridgette B star in the VR Bangers fantasy film Independence Day: Infiltration, inspired by mainstream sci-fi adventure movies.

With the alien invasion on July 4th, the VR scene begins. The government ordered everyone to hide, leaving Noir and Bridgette B trapped indoors with the audience. With nothing to do and fearing they might be wiped out, the women decided to have fun.

“Aliens attacked our planet … so what happened now? It’s just you, Kira and Bridget,” said producer Ivan Habacon. “What can the three of you do? Well, this might be your last chance to do something you never got a chance to try.”

“Put on your VR goggles and have fun,” he added.

“Independence Day: Infiltration” can be viewed here.

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