Former CEO and owner Kirsti Paakkanen is dead – Obituary 2021 – Cause of death

Pakanen talks more about hearts than numbers. “If the heart is involved, the money will start to flow.” Kirsti Paakkanen, the long-term owner of MARIMEKKO, has passed away, says her case manager Kari Miettinen. Pakanen died at the age of 92.

Pakanen is known as one of the smartest entrepreneurs in Finland. He ushered in a new prosperity for Marimekko in a discounted state. He sold Marimekko in 2008 and then retired.

In 1991, Marimekko Paakkanen bought the depth of the recession. Prior to this, he had a significant career with the women’s advertising agency Womena, which he founded in the 1960s.

-In the business world he maintains idealism. Miettinen described to Paakka that his unusual business ventures were emotions, creativity, truth, caring, discipline, and support.

It turns out that this woman in black is an outstanding business leader, she does not speak with numbers, but with her heart.

-I have a proven business philosophy. When you are not the first to think about money, but you work successfully and have a dedicated heart, when money begins to flow from doors and windows, Paakkanen described her mindset in a biography written by Ulla-Maija Paavilainen. .

During her tenure, Marimekko was known for her spectacular fashion shows and designers who worked like movie stars.

Paakkanen relies on intuition when choosing products, and the first impression of him with people is very important to him, too. He has the ability to fascinate people and make them feel special, but he can also break those fantasies.

Convertible hair flutters on the beach in Nice
In his biography, Paakka is described as a lonely person who is good at socializing at work, but very comfortable in his free time.

A beautiful environment is very important to him. In his later years, he focused on decorating his own houses, the seaside houses in Espoo, the villas in Nice and the completely renovated Saarijärvi country house.

Paakka was also drawn to his wonderful life. In 1989, he bought a mansion in Nice and sold it to women. The photo is from a French friend.

According to the Pope’s biography, Pakanen, in his 60s, was driving a convertible on a beautiful beach boulevard with his hair and gauze blowing in the wind.

However, his ambition in Nice did not turn into a desire for comfort. He bought Marimekko on the advice of a former colleague.

-The situation of the company is worse than I expected. Shown when stocks are rotated. One room was filled with black stone cows as a gift from the company. The bio describes her silently whispering that Mary Meko’s entire business idea was gone.

She has started the era of reform. The fashion show drew a large audience. According to the biography, Paakkanen has excellent taste and the ability to find a suitable candidate with him.

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