Kitengela woman video leaked twitter viral, kills baby as Twitter trending video

A horrific video showing a woman from Kitengela, Kenya, stabbing her two-year-old daughter to death is circulating on social media. The incident happened on Monday, April 24, with neighbors reporting the 24-year-old mother locked herself in the home and initially played with the baby, but soon became violent and started breaking things.

The noise alarmed neighbors who, despite their best efforts, were unable to enter the house and had to watch the violence. They notified the police immediately.

Trigger Warning: This article contains written and graphic evidence of a horrific murder that may be extremely disturbing to some viewers. Readers are advised to make up their own mind.

Chilling footage shows mother Olivia Naserian locking herself in her room singing while stabbing daughter Gloria Njeri multiple times ). Later, Olivia was seen eating the remains of her dead daughter.

“Blood was all over her teeth and clothes when police found her. The viral video sparked fear and suspicion among netizens.”

Horrified netizens took to Twitter to express their outrage when video showing Gloria’s murder went viral. Many are calling for the toughest possible punishment under the law for the “heartless” mother. Others talked about mental health and postpartum depression.

This sparked an off-topic discussion, with Twitter users arguing over what role Olivia’s mental health should play in her sentencing.