Kitty Lixo leaked twitter onlyf, photos and videos in reddit and telegram

Kitty Lixo leaked twitter onlyf, photos and videos in reddit and telegram

An OnlyFans star claims she had sex with multiple Meta employees to reactivate her Instagram and reveals dodgy ‘verification process’ for closed accounts.

The creator of the podcast and OnlyF, known as Kitty Lixo, explained that her Instagram account – full of lingerie and bikini photos, but not full nudity – was removed “three or four times” for “sex ads” because she shared Got her OnlyF association.

MRandom News Kitty Lixo leaked twitter onlyf, photos and videos in reddit and telegram

So she started “sleeping” with a friend of hers who happened to be working on Instagram. “He did it (reactivated her account) and it was really good for him,” Lixo said on the No Jumper podcast.

Her friend, who did not give her name, provided her with details of the verification process, which includes Instagram’s integrity team, which monitors suspended accounts.

She joked that the only way to lift the Instagram ban is to find an employee who “likes you very, very much.”

“He basically told me that the integrity department was overseeing the review,” she said on the podcast. “Basically, if they reject you the first time, to take it back, one has to keep trying and keep giving comments.

“Every time [employees] do another review, it goes to a different person. So whenever someone in that department tries to catch you, you end up getting your account back,” Lixo said.

She told the Daily Mail on Thursday that she “has not contacted anyone in the integrity department or any decision makers in my case.”

“I worked with several people in different departments and they opened several verification cases for me, which eventually resulted in my account being unbanned,” she told on Thursday. She said she used “nepotism” to get her account back and doesn’t think the company knew about it.

“[I] also approached people I knew I needed to approach,” she told. “I think people are using each other in their day-to-day lives. I basically approach the IG staff and use nepotism to my advantage.

Lixo admits the process wasn’t easy, as she had to go through her boyfriend’s Instagram page and match all meta collaborators with her LinkedIn page to determine who was in the integrity department.

“I checked all of his Instagram contacts on LinkedIn, then I checked the integrity department contacts, and then I messaged them on LinkedIn to get my account back, but obviously they get so many emails every day. “she says.

After LinkedIn messages failed to restore her account, Lixo took the next step on Instagram, sending DMs from her “backed up but still wacky account” to Meta employees to “meet.”

“I managed to find some — not from that department, but still people who worked on Instagram in LA. So I found some to hook up with … and we hooked up and I did a bunch and I was able to pay back two to Three times,” she revealed.