KS Sethumadhavan dead, Veteran film director Malayalam film industry

Kochi> KS Sethumadhavan is the director who gave Malayalam movies a proper place on the national stage. Indeed, he is a pioneer in making the film meet the requirements we see now. Sethumadhavan assumed the position of former Chief Minister EMS. During his second term as Chief Minister, EMS played the role of Chief Minister himself in the movie “Ollathumathi” (1967). The EMS speech was filmed in his official room.

Another eye-catching factor is that the face of Malayalam’s good actor Mammootty appears on the silver display through “Anubhavangal Palichakali”. The mob of the owner of the Wilderness Shop in Hamsa, Bahadur beat him because he was suspected of serving Chellappan. After understanding this, the Mammoth appeared as Bahadur’s operating role.

Sathyan and KS Sethumadhavan. Image source: Santhosh Sethumadhavan

He also left 60 years after KS Sethumadhavan made his film debut and 50 years of “experience”. There is no doubt that revisiting the golden age of Malayalam movies may also be a recognition of the new era of Malayalam filmmakers and audiences.

“KS Sethumadhavan built a movie tower based on Malayalam literature.” Okay. This. Sethumadhavan-Film: Art and life are okay. What Srinivasan wrote is actually true. No different director has made film interpretations of so many Malayalam literary works. Of the 56 films directed by Sethumadhavan in Malayalam, 37 have been adapted into literary works.

This journey started with the Sinhalese film “Veeravijaya” in 1960 and continued until the Telugu film “Stree” launched in 1995. Jnanasundari is the main Malayalam movie released in 1961. In his three and a half years of professional career, Sethumadhavan directed 69 films in different languages. ‘Odayil Ninnu’ (1965),’Yakshi’ (1968),’Kadalpalam’ (1969),’Adimakal’ (1969),’Vazhvemayam’ (1970),’Mintappennu’ (1970),’Aranazhikaneram’ Many works in the history of the movie are “Karakanakkadal” (1971), “Oru Penninte Katha” (1971), “Panitheeratha Veedu” (1972), “Kanyakumari” (1974), “Chattakkari” (1974), and “Oppol’ ( 1980). And Sethumadhavan movie.

The last Malayalam film was “Venalkinavu” directed by MT in 1991, with a script. Surprisingly, Sethumadhavan directed 5 Malayalam films each year in 1970 and 1971.

National Film Awards: Second best film in 1969 (Slave), best director in 1970, best third film (half an hour), best director in 1971, best third film (Karakanakadar) , Best Film of 1972, Director (Unfinished Home), Best Second Film of 1974 (In the historical history of Malayalam movies, okay. Okay. Know where Sethumadhavan is. Sethumadhavan gets it Won the National Best Local Film Award, and won Opal Silver Lotus for his movies Slaves, Karakanakkadal and Unfinished Home.

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