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My doctoral thesis explored the comedy of Dante Alighieri, a poem from the early fourteenth century, depicting the author-the protagonist’s journey through the three realms of the Christian afterlife, and before it It also influenced the three traditions of vernacular lyric poetry performed in the form of music: troubadour poems, Marian songs (‘laude’) and giullare (i.e.,’troubadour’) performances

My goal is to show how these three lyrical pieces were proven in Florence in the late 13th century, but for various reasons are rarely considered together with the more classic poetry works of Dante and his contemporaries. They actually have the potential to be rich and powerful. A comedy that expands our understanding, one of the most unusual and endless creative works of the European Middle Ages.

Ten poems by Martin Esposito (two translated from Italian to English and eight translated from English to Italian) in Alibi. Prima antologia bilingue di poesia italiana nel Regno Unito, ed. Authors: Marta Arnaldi and Luca Paci, Erranze, 12 years old (Rome: Ensemble, 2021 [coming soon]).

Ten poems by Dante, Cavalcanti and Petrarch, in Manuele Gragnolati and Francesca Southerden, the lyrical possibility: reading Petrarch in dialogue; the conclusion of Antonella Anedda Angioy (Berlin: ICI Berlin Press, 2020) [translated in collaboration with Caroline Dormor].

The CD booklet contains two German poems (Von Schreck, Durch den Wald; Lobedanz, Frühlingsanbruch) from Frederick Delius and Arnold Bax, choral music, and The Carice Singers. Author: George Paris (Naxos, 8.573695, 2017).

‘Perché virtù fa l’uom costante e forte: A Ballata of Moral Instruction for the Florentine Plague of 1374’-Contemporary Music Research (Università di Pavia, March 8-9, 2021). “The Laudesi and the Stilnovisiti: New Perspectives on Performed Lyric in Medieval Florence”-a new direction for the study of medieval religious literature (Zentrum für Mittelalter- und Frühneuzeitforschung, Göttingen, June 10-12, 2021). “Dante’s Missing Sylventis”-“Pass” Dante Network: Dante’s Afterlife (Leeds/Oxford, June 24-25, 2021). “Failed musicians in Purgatory I and Paradise I”-Congresso Dantesco Internazionale, “Alma Dante” (Ravenna, September 15-18, 2021)

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