Who is Larisa Dragulescu? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

Larisa Drăgulescu, the ex-wife of the great gymnast Marian Drăgulescu, remarried this year, but the current life partner has no right over her property. Following the model of the great Hollywood actors, Larisa also wanted to put the agony of a lifetime in the shelter, for the two children from the first marriage.

“We made a prenuptial agreement!”, Larisa told us, for Impact.ro. The sexy bombshell raised a small fortune with the help of clubs in Dubai and Germany, where she worked for 3 years.

14 years have passed since the scandalous divorce of the great gymnast Marian Drăgulescu and, even if she remarried in April, Larisa Drăgulescu and her husband did not share their wealth.

Larisa, Marian Dragulescu’s ex-wife, got married a second time recently. The mother of two children, she no longer wants her third. She is especially concerned with her professional life. “Now I want to take care of my children, my image, my business, I have other priorities. I bought six houses: I have three apartments and three houses. I bought two after the wedding, but they’re just mine.

Before I got married, I made a prenuptial agreement with my husband. After the marriage, I went to the notary again to make another prenuptial agreement, that he has no right over my property. But the notary told me that it is legal to wait eight months from the marriage and then make another prenuptial agreement. My husband also has his property in Germany, plus a house in Botoșani from his mother “, Larisa Drăgulescu confessed for playtech.ro.

She revealed that she worked for three years in Dubai, then in Germany, and now returned to the country. “I was a playmate for Playboy Romania magazine, even the latest model of the magazine in our country.

This was another dream come true. I wanted to appear in the magazine with the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world, since the time I was married to Marian.

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