Larry Lewis is dead – Obituary – cause of death

Larry Lewis (born October 30, 1957) is a college football coach and former player. Prior to this, Lewis served as the head coach at Idaho State University and as an assistant coach at Weber State University, Washington State University and Colorado State University.

From 1977 to 1980, Lewis also served as a linebacker at Boise State University, and in 1980 became a member of the Broncos national championship team. Lewis was hired as the head coach by Idaho State University on November 23, 1998.

Prior to that, he served as an assistant to Mike Price at Weber State University and Washington State University for 18 years. During his tenure as the head coach of the Bengal Tigers, he led the team to a total record of 40 wins and 49 losses (40-49), and won the United Big Sky League Championship in 2002. On November 20, 2006, after they had only won two games this season, all his staff left.

Lewis spent four seasons in Colorado, his rival in the Western Mountains, and then moved to Nevada. After coaching the Rams’ special team and security team for three seasons, he was promoted to deputy head coach before the 2011 election. In addition to the special team, he was also responsible for coaching running backs and full backs.

Last season at Colorado State University, Lewis led the Rams to the top 25 in terms of kicks and kick returns. As a running back coach for the Rams, he coached Chris Nwoke, who rushed for nearly 95 yards per game, who ranked third in the Mountain West. Lewis also scored the 19th return in 2000 and became the top pitcher in the Western Mountains in 2008.

Lewis has cultivated many NFL players during his career, the most famous of which is probably the full-professional defensive end Jared Allen, who was the top in the United States at Idaho State University I-AA (FCS) in 2003 Defensive player.

As the head coach of the Bengals from 1999 to 2006, Lewis led Idaho State University to share the 2002 Big Sky League championship title, and in the 101-year history of the project, in 2002 and 2003, the school’s first Eight consecutive victories.

During a period of 2001-04, Idaho State University ranked 22nd in 23 national polls. His Bengal Tigers produced 13 national best players, 127 full conference selections, and 41 academic full conference awards.

Lewis was a finalist for Eddie Robinson’s Coach of the Year in 2002, when Idaho State University created its best record in 21 years and had a place in the first Big Sky title in more than two decades. That season, the Bengals had 22 All-League players; they were only in 1999 three years ago. The Bengal Tigers ranked 16th in the national poll.

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