Larry Timmons is dead, Obituary 2021 – cause of death

Wearing blue jeans and a black town Perinton hoodie, Larry Timmons wears glasses and has a pot belly, creating a non-threatening image as a town park watcher. When Timmons worked for Perrington in 2014, or during his previous years as a real estate salesperson near Rochester, few would know that the police in his hometown of Missouri suspected that he was involved in several murders.

And the investigation of these murders has long been left out. On Friday, the police there charged Timmons, 65, who now lives in the state, with the murder of Cynthia Smith in 1988, when a 31-year-old woman was questioned and killed him.

Investigators there say that police in neighboring Oklahoma have reopened investigations into at least two homicides, namely Deborah Jean Timmons, Timmons’ first wife in 1994. Was murdered, and in 1998 an 11-year-old girl drowned and died. The girl is a friend of Timmons and Deborah Jean’s daughter.

“We call him an opportunist,” the sergeant said. Melissa Phillips of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office in southwest Missouri. “He is not specific to gender or age. He used to have little boys. He used to have little girls. He used to have women.”

Locally, law enforcement officials received news about Timmons’ involvement in the pending homicide earlier this year and have been investigating his time here. The Sheriff’s Office investigator Mike Shannon said that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office had no unresolved homicides in which Timmons could become a suspect, nor had he unresolved rapes in which he could become a suspect.

If people had information about Timmons that they thought law enforcement would be interested in, Shannon asked them to call the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

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