Latino Pleasure: Diana Trujillo, the Colombian who took the Rover Perseverance to Mars

COLOMBIA.- February 18, 2021 has been set as a historic date after the Rover Perseverance of the POT will land in Mars to hunt life. However in flip, the dream of a member of the house company has been fulfilled: Diana Trujillo, the Colombian who got here to the USA with solely 17 years of age, 300 {dollars} in her pockets and with out realizing English. Immediately is a part of the epic historical past of mankind.

On this means, CNN who held an interview with the Caleña, the place she mentioned that she is a part of the crew that designed the robotic arm and two devices of the NASA explorer. On this sense, the journalist requested him what the precise mission of the Rover Perseverance shall be when it touches the bottom of the Crimson Planet, so the reply of Diana Trujillo it was extraordinarily direct: in search of life.

“The aim of the Perseverance mission is to search out out if there ever was life on the floor of Mars prior to now. We’re going to arrive at a spot referred to as Jezero crater […] we’re going to do analysis as a result of there’s clay in that place the place it lets us know that there’s water, the place we are able to see if there’s the likelihood or the required clues to show that there was life. If we discover that, we may even do the analysis to search out out if life most likely began on Mars and on Earth on the similar time. ”, Revealed the aerospace engineer.

Likewise, the specialist identified that the existence of water is confirmed on Mars, which is why microbial life is being sought. Then again, Diana Trujillo has a particularly essential job throughout the crew that has spearheaded the Perseverance mission, as she has been accountable for designing the robotic arm and two devices that can decide if there was life on the Crimson Planet.

“I work with the group that designed and examined the robotic arm and the 2 devices referred to as Pixl and Sherloc. These are the devices that can present us and discover out if there was life on the floor of Mars. So my group is the one which has to indicate the place to place the instrument, do all of the analysis with the instrument, and return the data, ”mentioned Diana.

Lastly, he mentioned that this mission is a dream, since he arrived in the USA with solely 17 years of age. “I didn’t know English and I ended up searching for a method to be taught the language, to have the ability to pay for college and ultimately research one thing that was associated to the those who I noticed who labored within the POT. I labored with a program to hold cargo to the House Station, then Curiosity and now Mars 2020 and typically I do not consider it after I begin to assume that I had nothing and I did not even know the language. ”, Declared Diana Trujillo.

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