Laura Isabela Leon is leaked in Onlyf, Photos and videos in reddit and Twitter

Laura León has a new boyfriend, her identity is kept secret: “He is an excellent man”
The famous “Xiaobao” shared the details of her boyfriend, she met at a meeting of friends, she felt very in love with her.

MRandom News Laura Isabela Leon is leaked in Onlyf, Photos and videos in reddit and Twitter

In recent days, when Laura León was captured by a user in a discount store in the United States, a mysterious man accompanied her all the time, this famous Tabasco lady came here to enjoy the seasonal discount.

Although the intention of the people who tried La tesorito was to question it in search of bargains, the public on social networks defended Laura and assured that even if she was a celebrity, she had nothing wrong with finding the best opportunity for her.

After not paying attention to this crazy video, Laura León focused on the unknown that he was the mysterious man who accompanied her that day, so people speculated that this will be the new man of the singer and actress.

In her first meeting with the media, the 68-year-old celebrity confirmed that she was indeed dating a man in love, and this time she provided more details about the man who lives in Mexico, San Diego, California. Man, he has fallen in love. she has been in love a lot since she met him at a meeting with friends.

“My heart is very good, I am very happy, very fulfilled and grateful with life and with God. Thank God, I am a happy woman,” she said in an interview with Ventaneando.

Laura did not reveal her boyfriend’s name, but shared that she was very happy with him: “He is a very good person, he does not live here, he is from San Diego, he is an excellent and friendly person, he is let me feel happy,” she added. When she was asked about “wonderful”, the translation of “Deceived Women’s Club” clarified this adjective:

“It is not that he gave me expensive gifts, but beautiful gifts. It is not so much for the company. We are together, we love each other very much, we are very comfortable. We meet as much as possible, but we will not. Forcing it too much, when it happens, it will pass, ”he added.

León revealed that her boyfriend is an educated and pleasant man: “He is a very nice, pleasant, educated, charming man, and also a very beautiful person. Me and he was a great moment to be together because we were going to eat.” and go to the theater; anyway, we had a very comfortable time and the parents were fine until it passed, ”she said.

The protagonist of El Premio Mayor tells how she allowed herself to be conquered by a mysterious man who, according to Daniel Bisogno (Daniel Bisogno), is much older than El tesorito.

“We met by accident. He was with some friends. Suddenly he came to greet them. He sat down. We were talking. We got along well there. He was the first person she became obsessed with.” Sweetheart, “she added,” he’s a businessman “and talked about her boyfriend’s career.

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