Laura Smalls dead and obituary, Murder Mystery: Was It A Suicide Or Burned?

Laura Smalls was the victim of being burned to death in Colorado Springs. Was her death murder or suicide?

TV Lieutenant Joe Kenda shares his experience as a detective on the discovery series “Murder Hunters.” In an episode titled “Death’s Invisible Hand,” he shared the mysterious murder of a girl named Laura Smalls in Colorado Springs.

After the episode, Laura received an obituary from the audience. She was doused with gasoline and set on fire, and the culprit is still at large decades later.

Laura Smalls obituary: How did she die?

We dedicate this obituary to Laura Smalls.

According to the autopsy report, Smalls died because she was doused with gasoline and burned. The case was handed over to then-Detective Joe Kenda. Until now, the case remains unresolved.

In an episode of the famous TV show “Murder Hunter,” Kinder talked about the case in a funny way. He described it as one of the mysterious cases he encountered.

Throughout the investigation, he was not in possession of any evidence or evidence that led to the development of the case.

So, until now, the case remains a mystery.

Laura Smalls Death: Murder or Suicide?

The cause of Laura Smalls’ death remains a mystery.

Detective Kenda believes her death was a murder rather than a suicide because many clues didn’t add up. But a few days later, a college student stopped breathing and was uninjured. Kenda tries and searches for answers in this episode, to no avail.

— Joe Kenda (@LtJoeKenda) May 3, 2021

Joe Kenda: Where is he now?

Joe Kenda remains a celebrity, making documentaries based on his long experience as a detective.

Additionally, he is a writer and has written about his detective work in his book. He is best known for his discovery show, Homicide Hunters. The show ended with nine successful seasons.

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