Lauren Bernett JMU softball dead, whats happened? cause of death

Lauren Bernett JMU softball dead, whats happened? cause of death

JMU softball 

JMU Athletics released a statement Tuesday morning announcing the passing of JMU sophomore softball catcher Lauren Burnett.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear that we have lost a student-athlete,” said Kevin Warner, director of athletics communications at JMU. “Lauren Burnett is an outstanding member of our softball team and a great ambassador for JMU and our athletics program.”

Softball’s Wednesday doubles against Longwood was canceled, according to a press release.

JMU Softball ended a weekend winning streak against Drexel on Sunday with an 11-4 run, extending his streak to five games.

MRandom News Lauren Bernett JMU softball dead, whats happened? cause of death

Redshirt senior Alexis Bermudez and sophomore Alyssa Humphrey were both on the mound for the second time this weekend, with Bermudas getting her 2nd after five innings. Second straight win. Humphrey breathed a sigh of relief at the start of sixth, giving up just one point to help Duke win.

JMU brought his high score from the previous game to today’s game. The Dukes opened fire — hitting a 3-pointer in the first of two doubles and one single. Redshirt junior infielder Halle Hall hit a two-run homer in the second round to extend the lead to 5-0. Hall hit another two-run homer in the fourth inning of her next at-bat, giving her a five-run RBI that day and a six-run series.

Duke was up 8-0 at the end of Game 5, with Bermudas making a no-hitter bid in the inning. Drexel hit a no-hitter in the second at-bat of the inning, then closed the game with a three-run homer by senior outfielder Sarah Clinton.

Drexel trailed 8-3 in sixth, and the gap quickly widened when sophomore receiver Lauren Burnett hit a two-run homer to provide Duke with a seven-run cushion. Burnett’s homer hit Hall, and she hit a four that day, her two homers and a five-run RBI.

Humphrey took over for Bermudez in the sixth inning and continued to stop the Dragons from recording the hit. Humphrey missed both of her innings, but two walks and two wild pitches in the sixth gave Drexel another run.

Freshman infielder Jasmine Hall homered in seventh to give JMU an 11-4 lead. Humphrey took control at the end of the seventh, hitting the wing and securing JMU’s victory.

JMU improved to 21-21 (10-5 CAA) and will face Longwood in a double on Wednesday in Harrisonburg. Drexel also returned to the game with a .500, 20-20 (4-11 CAA) record this season and a return on Thursday at home against Lafayette.