14 year old leaked supreme court numbers info twitter, judges addresses leak

Young person convo today, “ppl stole credit card numbers from SCOTUS judges & r buying birth control and handing it out for free, isn’t that funny?” Me: “Well, no, it’s illegal”, me in my head…. Uh if people used bc to begin with…We wouldn’t even need to worry abt abortion.

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The U.S. Supreme Court’s final ruling in a case involving TransUnion LLC’s credit report could affect consumers’ ability to sue the company in class-action lawsuits ranging from robocalls to data breaches.

14 year old leaked supreme court

Court judges heard oral hearings Tuesday in the credit report case, the impact of which will depend on how the court’s final decision will focus on the specifics of the case rather than the broader issue of the nature of the damage that consumers must prove in order to bring the class action suit.

“A lot depends on how the court formulates its opinion,” said John Toro, a partner at King & Spalding LLP, which works on consumer class actions.

The case raised the question of whether the risks of harm TransUnion’s use of consumer credit report information caused were sufficient to file a claim, even if those risks were not identified. Such persistent problems could arise in litigation in other scenarios, such as cyberattacks, where consumer data such as credit card numbers are exposed, but not necessarily for fraudulent charges.

If the Supreme Court finds that the unrealized risks are not enough to bring a lawsuit, its ruling could limit consumers’ privacy claims and give “ammunition” to companies defending them, Toro said.