Leaked video (bunuh diri) of high school student attempting suicide by jumping off Batanghari bridge

A student at a vocational school is suspected of being frustrated because her unethical video was spread on social media. She also desperately committed suicide by jumping off the Way Batanghari Bridge in Lampung.

The suicide attempt occurred on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at around 1:30 p.m. In videos that circulated on social media, the veiled girl appeared to jump off the bridge.

The reason is temporarily suspected to be that the girl is frustrated with the immoral video content of the victim released by a perpetrator she knows.

Local resident Firza (42 years old) said a student desperately wanted to jump off the Batanghari Bridge. Passersby flocked to persuade the victim to renounce her intentions.

“The high school student wanted to jump off the bridge. Fortunately, a TNI agent immediately caught the victim and did not jump off the bridge,” he said.

The victim was still wearing a school uniform and was taken to the Ryacudu Kotabumi District General Hospital by members and residents of TNI.

The victim’s desperate attempt to commit suicide was because someone hurt her. However, she did not know the exact problem the student was facing.

AKP Eko Rendi, head of the Lampura Police Department Criminal Investigation Team, said the victim was a student at one of the vocational schools in the Lampura Regency. The victim’s initials are RSD, she is 14 years old and she is a resident of North Kotabumi district.

The Criminal Investigation Team explained that the case is still under investigation. Currently, her client claims that this is an unethical video streaming case.

“We arrested a 19-year-old actor with the initials TD, who is a resident of Lampura district in North Kotabumi. He is strongly suspected of being the author of the victim’s unethical video content,” he said.

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