Leaked viral video pack of “Yailin the most viral” reddit and twitter

Almost two years after winning the dance competition that made her a star, Jorgina Guillermo Díaz’s career, known as Yailin’s “most viral” in the art world, is growing nationally and internationally.

It is this new artist from the Creole city who is preparing to hold in October an exhibition on American soil of the high artistic entrepreneur and president of the “Grupo Musical Andújar” Máximo Andújar (Máximo Andújar) Cycle of conferences.

Yailin’s “Most Viral” tour will take place on October 14 this year with his team: Jean Carlos Polanco Peres (DJ) (DJ), Brigido Aquino (Manager), Jechwer Matos (Second Voice), will be with him in his first visit to the United States.

As one of the most anticipated hipsters in the American League, Yalin, who is promoting the new song “My baby,” and Sammy, “The Greatest,” who has nearly a million views on YouTube, will also tour Europe in November. . The fan base was conquered there.

Due to her lack of respect, uniqueness and sensuality, the 21-year-old Creole has worked with great figures of the Dominican urban genre, such as: Nino Freestyle “Gancho”; Haraca Kiko “Who Robbed Me”; Villano RD “” Chivirika “It is one of her hits” Como “, she is also preparing to make new music because her voice has a strong versatility.

By 2022, the artists will visit some Latin American countries: Honduras, Ecuador, Curaçao and Argentina.

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