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Organized by Kate Moss’ brother Nick, the event offered Kate a rare opportunity to spend time with her wayward half-sister Lottie and her father Peter (Peter) with his second wife, Inger. It is hoped that model Kate, 49 (who has graced the cover of Vogue more than 40 times), will silently forgive Lottie, 25, who makes a living posting salacious photos on the sleazy site OnlyF.

You might be wondering what tattoo Lottie has to be forgiven. Those in Kate’s camp say the problem is that she habitually targets her half-sister every time she speaks, although her career direction is also a factor.

Unfortunately, neither woman feels warmer for the other. Kate was apparently particularly shocked by Lottie’s latest facial tattoo – the word “Lover” under her eyes. “She knows how valuable your face is as a model,” said a friend. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She loves them like sisters, but they have nothing to do with each other. “

Another source close to Kate said she believed Lottie’s career direction had “cheaped” the Moss brand – she has been “modelling” on the adult subscription site since 2021. Kate is keen to protect Moss’ name as her career is steered by daughter Lila Moss, 20, who models as Lila Moss, not Lila Harker Lila Hack (her surname comes from her father, Jefferson). Lila was part of a select team of 20 formed in 2016 by Kate’s own Kate Moss Agency.

Lila now lives in New York and used to work for her mother’s close friend, designer Marc Jacobs. “Kate is worried about her name. “Her legacy is not only in her career, but also in Lilas,” said a source. “The name Moss is precious. She believes that making money and being successful is an important factor.

“Kate didn’t like being associated with Lottie professionally,” the source said. “There was a time when she thought Lottie should use her mother’s maiden name instead of Lottie Moss.” One can only imagine this How unpopular it would make Lottie.

But the truth is, despite having a father, their childhoods never overlapped – and there was a huge age gap between them. Lottie grew up in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, the son of a travel agent father, Peter Moss, and a Norwegian mother, Inge Inger Solnordal was his second wife. She attended Pay Bede School in Hailsham.

Meanwhile, Kate and her brother Nick were growing up in faraway Sandstead, Croydon. Her mother, Peter’s first wife Linda, was a barmaid and Kate worked in the shop on Saturdays, hanging out in the park and drinking cider. The school is the local comprehensive school, Riddlesdown High School.