Leg and head video on twitter of tiktok link – Whats happened?

From cute puppy videos to angry Karen videos, from TV live broadcast errors to annoying TikTok dances, new videos are spreading on the Internet every day. Sometimes they spread because they are fun and educational, or they may just be very interesting. Other times, disgusting, shocking, and disturbing things will spread like a virus, and you hope you have never seen it. Twitter’s latest video definitely falls into the latter category.

MRandom News Leg and head video on twitter of tiktok link - Whats happened?

Now, something called “leg videos” is popular on Twitter. I haven’t read it, I didn’t intend to watch it, and I advise you not to watch it either. Judging from the information I have collected, this is very, very unpleasant. If you still want to scar yourself for a lifetime and watch a viral video, please read these reactions. They will let you down.

“What did I just see on TikTok? She put her whole leg there,” one person wrote on TikTok. I don’t know what they are talking about, and frankly, I don’t want to know. Where to put her whole leg? It sounds, well, unpleasant.

“Have you seen the haunted house video on Twitter? #traumatised [cry],” another wrote, next to a series of crying images. Haunted house? This will only get worse. “You burst into tears. Look, I thought people overreacted. I was wrong,” the third person wrote. Burst into tears? I think it’s best not to watch this video.

“Go to Twitter. Search for videos. Scroll through videos. Trauma,” another wrote. Everyone seems to be full of scars in life! Another TikTok user wrote “I” before clicking the Twitter link, and there was a video of her smiling happily next to her. “After I clicked on the Twitter link,” she wrote in the second clip showing her crying. Enough said.

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