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The wildfires on Maui have now claimed more than 100 lives. The fire devastated the city of Lahaina and caused extensive damage. As OnlyF model Maria Casillas (Lavaxgrll) points out, it’s not enough to take selfies to help fire victims recover.

The 22-year-old Honolulu resident decided to launch his own fundraiser. A fundraiser that gives donors a free nude photo for every $10 donated. Talk about going beyond substantive obligations.

Lahaina, Maui, Monday, August 14, 2023 – A view of the devastation seen from the highway 30 days after devastating wildfires devastated the city. Lavaxgrll posted a message on Instagram to more than 433,000 followers. “It’s fair to say that I’m just an influencer trying to get everyone on the same page, helping and doing what I can in this time of need,” she said.

“Maui is a sacred, beautiful place, but something terrible is happening right now,” she continued. “They do need our help.”

All in all, I love this beautiful island so much. ” Lavaxgrll then added a link to a GoFundMe she started a few days ago that has raised $7,309 so far. The link contains the message: “Every $10 = 1 nude, let’s go.”

Again, she could sit by and do nothing, but she found a way to inspire some people to help. Part of her GoFunMe post read: “Posting a selfie for Maui isn’t enough. Our solidarity with the hundreds who have suffered, been injured or lost their homes.”

The content creator added, “100% of proceeds go directly to those affected by this devastation.”