Lewis Hamilton’s extravagant look to get to the Imola circuit

Lewis hamilton usually surprises all fans of the Formula 1. The Briton shows his taste in dressing every time he arrives at the Championship circuits and this weekend was not going to be the exception. With an extravagant look that caught everyone’s attention. A fan of fashion, he continues to surprise with his clothes.

The vast majority of Formula 1 fans know that Lewis Hamilton is passionate about fashion. So much so that during his free time, he collaborates with the brand Tommy Hilfiger, since it has its own collection. In addition, he usually attends events linked to the clothing brand with numerous models, who usually accompany him to some races.

This weekend, Hamilton again surprised everyone with his look. Wearing a plaid jacket and trousers, the Briton arrived at the Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit. In this way, he will face the second date of the championship, which has him as leader after obtaining victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix, after a fight with Max Verstappen.


In the last hours, Hamilton made mention of his tasks off the track, among which is fashion, and recalled a talk he had with one of his close companions: Niki Lauda. “I was in New York once at a fashion show and then I went straight to the circuit. Niki told me I couldn’t do that, ”Hamilton recalled to Sky Sports.

«Later in qualifying I made pole position and it turned out that I could do it. I couldn’t do all of that if I wasn’t a racing driver, and it’s up to me to set the limits. I know how far I can go. It is not easy to follow all my interests. People try to make it look easy, but it isn’t to me. I have a great team with me and I think I have more commitments than any other driver, “he said.

Lewis hamilton

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