Lil Ron Rapper reportedly deadd last night due to suicide – cause of death

Lil Rob was one of the first Chicano rappers to carve a niche for himself, establishing himself in the West Coast rap scene in the late ’90s, hopping between indie labels and then Upstairs Records found a stable home where he enjoyed growing success. He debuted on Familia Records in 1997 with Crazy Life, which made him a hardcore rapper with a Chicano worldview.r

Flores made his debut as Lil Rob in 1997 and sold 200,000 units. Since then, he has collaborated with artists such as Mr. Shadow, Mr. Sancho, and OG Spain Fly to create many songs, as well as a song called “My Lowrider”, including artists Paul Wall, The Game and E-40. There is also “Bumber” by Pitbull and Julio Voltio.

The number twelve and eighteen on Lil Rob’s arm represents the value of the letters L and R, representing Lil and Rob respectively. Lil Rob used the number 1218 as a graffiti marker in his days. In 1994, when he was only 18 years old, Lil Rob was shot in the jaw and his jaw was broken. After witnessing some violence, Flores withdrew from his gang relationship. Since then, he has said that he strictly represents “brown pride.”

Oldies have been very popular in Southern California Chicano culture for decades. Flores loves oldies, which is obvious because he often remixes them into his own music. It was a unique style that was later imitated by several other Chicano rappers. Flores calls himself the only “old man”. Lil Rob songs that use oldies include: “Natural High,” “I remember,” “Linda Mujer,” “No Soy de Ti,” and “Growing Up in a Small Community.”

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