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Language is a form of technology. The same goes for the elements of making music. These truths are both a precursor and underlying basis for the latest work of poet, actor and musician Saul Williams, who has teamed up with Rwandan actress and playwright Anisia Uzeyman for a new film and The soundtrack is in African languages ​​and voices, which in turn provides amazing insight into the working methods. The movie is called Neptune Frost, and the soundtrack is Unanimous Goldmine: Original Soundtrack to Neptune Frost. The former was discontinued last year, and the latter was released on July 1. But the origins of the work can be traced back to William’s childhood, when he began exploring song, play and Shakespeare around 1980. Artist son Williams was supported in expressing interest in creativity as a possible career. Little did he know then that his magnum opus would conquer the world in 40 years. Now it has.

“I’ve identified myself as an artist since I was about eight years old,” said Williams, 50. “That’s when it became official.”