Lincoln Memorial shooting Today – 1 Airlifted After Shooting at Lincoln Memorial

Man reportedly found shot in the head at Reflecting Pool on the Mall near Lincoln Memorial in DC. BREAKING! Washington DC: Man found at Reflecting Pool on The Mall near Lincoln Memorial with gunshot to head. Park Police on scene at the on Reflecting Pool in Washington DC and are currently investigating a shooting with one individual with a gunshot wound.

At least one person needed a medical evacuation at the Reflecting Pool outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Video taken by witnesses showed that the airlift was in progress after a man was seriously injured.

Suicide at Lincoln Memorial: “At approximately 7:25 p.m., United States Park Police medevaced an individual from the Lincoln Memorial plaza to an area hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The area remains closed pending an on-scene investigation.”- Nat’l Mall Spox

On Monday night, the medical evacuation could be seen in footage circulating on social media, with the helicopter landing at the eastern end of the reflecting pool before leaving with the injured. A local affiliate of NBC quoted the American Park Police as saying that the person had suffered a gunshot wound. Some kind of emergency is happening in front of the Lincoln Memorial. A helicopter landed, and a person appeared to be airlifted on a stretcher.

Man shot in head at reflecting pool on the mall near Lincoln Memorial in D.C. Most likely involved with Hillary Clinton’s creating and running of the greatest political false flag operation of all time #Russiagate Probably somebody who knew who killed Seth Rich

The U.S. Park Police said they responded to the shooting at the Lincoln Memorial in the U.S. capital on Monday. Authorities said one person was airlifted off the scene. Videos circulating on social media showed a helicopter landing by the reflecting pool. Two sources told News4 that the gunshots were caused by themselves.

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