Linda Press dead and obituary, THE WOMEN BEHIND THE MUSIC 

Linda Press is the sexy redhead who brings more glamour to Neil Diamond’s band. Reining from the band in 2015 with her husband bassist Reinie Press, Linda joined Neil’s band in 1976 and has been acclaimed for her impressive vocals, especially her duet You Don’t Bring Me Flowers , was clearly compared to vocal celebrity Barbra Streisand, as she recorded the song with Neil and achieved a No. 1 record. However such a comparison would be unfair as the two have different singing styles, Linda has perfected the art of editing a song in a live setting and giving it new life and feel, her voice is husky but can rise to beautiful high notes.

MRandom News Linda Press dead and obituary, THE WOMEN BEHIND THE MUSIC 

Linda’s entry into the entertainment industry was almost inevitable, her stepfather was an avid musician who played and taught flute, clarinet and saxophone in the Los Angeles area. Linda started playing guitar but was drawn to singing, where she took vocal lessons and joined her first touring band at the Country Fair Circuit.

In 1969, Linda starred in the Los Angeles company’s musical “Hair” and worked her way up until her lead actress role in the musical “Sheila.” During this time, she then met and married the company’s bassist/conductor Reinie Press. After “Hair” and gigs in Las Vegas, Linda joined Neil Diamond as a backing vocalist and teamed up with her husband Reinie, who earlier joined the band as bassist. Linda is pregnant with their daughter, Daisy, which is a big blessing. However, this has caused great concern about their position in the Neil band, and they are reluctant to reveal the news so as not to jeopardize their position. You don’t have to worry if Neil can’t be more enthusiastic and understanding when he breaks the news. He told them, “Your child is our child, part of the Neil Diamond family, and will tour with us wherever we go.” This cements that Neil is a uniquely thoughtful and thoughtful people. Daisy was part of the Neil Diamond family until she was in high school.

Linda Press became a popular member of Neil’s band, especially among male fans, and she received a lot of fan mail.

It’s not clear what Linda and Reinie have been up to since retiring from Neil Diamond, but they were great fans of the band and we will miss them dearly.

Linda is a huge movie buff, listing The Shawshank Redemption as one of her favorite movies, and she’s also an avid reader, citing Bronte’s films as her favorites.

Linda’s favorite Neil Diamond song: Solitary Man, which started everything for Neil but contradicted what Neil thought of himself.