Liu Wen Zheng dead, Prince of Mandopop passed away

From mid 1970s through early 1980s he was the Prince of Mandopop, if he claimed number two nobody would dared claim number one. He was also Taiwan’s @ChowPong. RIP Liu Wen Zheng

Liu is the youngest son of a wealthy family and his mother’s favorite. He originally planned to follow his siblings, an older brother and two older sisters, to study abroad after graduating from university. However, all this was put on hold after he won a singing competition at the age of 17 and signed a contract with Taiwan Television (TTV).

Liu first performed with his band Zhengwu at Xuhui Middle School, a Catholic school he attended. According to Liu, his interest in music was encouraged by a local pastor who liked pop music.

The first album “Promise” released in 1975 became an instant hit and started his singing career. With his unique singing voice and good looks, Liu Xiaobo’s road to superstardom has been smooth sailing. Early in his career, he often went to shows wearing a white scarf, which became his signature look.

In 1980, 1982 and 1983, he won the Golden Bell Award for Best Male Singer three times. At the peak of his career, Liu Qiangdong charged NT$240,000 per night for performances. He has released nearly 40 albums, starred in more than a dozen films, and starred alongside some popular actresses such as Brigitte Lin, Shirley Lu, and Sylvia Chang.

In 1983, at the age of 30, Liu Xiaobo unexpectedly announced that he would step out of the spotlight to concentrate on developing his career behind the scenes. In multiple interviews, Liu has stated that he sees no further breakthroughs and hopes to retire at the peak of his career. He wants to broaden his horizons instead of confining his life to the entertainment industry.

He then founded a production company “Flying Shadows” to cultivate young talents, but the company dissolved when he immigrated to the United States in 1991.

In 1991, he agreed to a rare telephone interview with a Singaporean radio station, in which the usually low-key Mr Liu gave a brief account of his private life. He described his childhood as very happy. He was an easy-going and optimistic child who didn’t realize his future career as a singer. He didn’t become interested in music until college. Liu attributed the reason why he has never been married to his independent personality and unwillingness to settle down. He feels that a long-term relationship requires a level of commitment and responsibility that is difficult to maintain in the entertainment industry. Even though he was 30 at the time, he felt he hadn’t reached the maturity needed to play the role of husband and father. When asked if he loves himself too much and doesn’t need the love of others, he laughed and said, “It seems to be a problem.”

Although Liu Xiaobo is known for his glamorous image, he revealed that flashy costumes and flashy stage performances are part of stardom. After retiring from show business, he admits to preferring comfortable and simple clothing. He is not too demanding on the taste of food, a bowl of noodles and dumplings is enough. Traveling was his first love, especially modern big cities like New York and Tokyo that offer art and culture. He once said that he doesn’t like staying in hotels when he travels and that his dream is to “have a small apartment in every city I love”.

Despite his superstar status, Liu has an impeccable reputation in the entertainment industry. People in the industry described him as a gentleman offstage, quiet and reserved. Liu lives in New York City. He is considered a successful real estate investor with assets in many countries. He has no plans to return to acting.