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It’s been almost a year since Logan Paul’s long-distance trip with Floyd Mayweather, and the YouTube star still hasn’t been paid in full for the fight.

Paul fought Mayweather in eight rounds in an exhibition match last June. Although no official winner has been announced, former Division 5 world champion Mayweather threw fewer than 100 punches as “The Maverick” but passed Paul.

The battle had a huge impact on pay-per-view, with over a million sales. Mayweather boasted he made £52m from the fight, while Paul was guaranteed £14m, but claimed the boxing legend still owes him money.

“Pay me my money, you fucking idiot,” Paul wrote on his Instagram Story in December when he tagged Mayweather. The 27-year-old later explained that the unprofessional handling of the money was the reason he was not paid.

“Let’s put people in non-professional ad agencies in control of where the money goes, it’s bullshit. We made this mistake,” he told TMZ. “But it’s Floyd Mayweather, so it’s not like we’re doing this. Before.” Kind of willing to do anything [and then] we shot in the foot because he’s a fucking shit. “