Long tablecloths! The Simpsons are celebrating a memorable date

UNITED STATES.- Talking about animated series undeniably leads us to think about the legacy they have forged “The Simpson”, The yellow family that has earned a place in the audiovisual production hall of fame. But why is April 19 a special date? Well, surely the fans know perfectly well that it was the day that “Good Night”, the first of the 48 shorts, would premiere on television.

There have been 32 seasons where Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie and a wave of amazing characters have taken over political and social satire on television. The ability of Matt Groening (creator of the series) to be able to visualize great scenarios of history have earned him the label of being a “prophet”, as the production has been famous for its “predictions”.

In this sense, April 19 has been commemorated as the “World Day of ‘The Simpson‘”Because it was on that same date in 1987 that the first appearance of the yellow family was broadcast on television. Being part of the program “The Tracey Ullman Show” was that his shorts won the affection of the public and FOX decided to create a half-hour format for the yellow family.

That is why April 19 commemorates one of the most successful series on television but, despite having more than 30 years of life, it was only five years ago when “World Day of ‘The Simpsons'” was established “thanks to his large number of fans. And it was on the 30th anniversary when a group launched the initiative through the change.org platform and that is how we got to celebrate this amazing date.

The Simpson”Is an animated comedy that has as its plot the life of a family that lives in the city of Springfield. Homer is a man who works in a nuclear plant and is not very insightful. Marge is Homer’s wife and they have Lisa (the diligent daughter), Bart (the rebellious son) and the baby Maggie. They are joined by several characters to make social and political criticisms that generate a stir in the world of television and social networks.

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