Looking to 2022: Andrea Dovizioso is excited about his return to MotoGP

Andrea Dovizioso let MotoGP at the end of 2020 after several seasons of frustrations. The Italian was a candidate in each year that began, but the figure of Marc Márquez overshadowed every attempt by Dovizioso. Because of this the now former pilot of Ducati made the decision to leave the activity. However, next week Dovizioso will return to a highly competitive motorcycle.

Hand in hand with the team Aprilia, the Italian will have his revenge in the category. In a test in the circuit Portimao, Dovizioso will get back on the bike and will look to return to the top flight next year. In his words, the pilot is very excited about the possibility of returning to the World Championship and expressed this in an interview with the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Dovizioso made it clear that after Aprilia’s good results in the last Grands Prix, his test with Aprilia will become more important. «They have been very competitive and Aleix (Espargaró) it has been especially strong. They had two fast races, but these results must be taken with a grain of salt, “Dovizioso told the Italian media.

«In my test ergonomics will count for a lot, but in three days I hope there will be time to understand something. I’m curious, and after so many years of driving a Ducati (eight years. 2012-2020), it’s nice to try another MotoGP bike, ”added the three-time runner-up in the Motorcycle World Championship.


Finally, the pilot gave his analysis of what happened in the first two Grands Prix, especially with Ducati, his former team. «Johann zarco it has been the most complete of all, in my opinion. Because he didn’t have the speed to win, but he did double the seconds. Other riders had that speed, both from Ducati and from other bikes, and made mistakes, “he said.

Andrea Dovizioso
“Unemployed”. Source: Ducati

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