Actor Lou Cutell dead, ‘Assman’ on ‘Seinfeld,’ at 91 – Obituary 2021

Lou Cutell is a veteran actor. His career spanned several decades and played an unforgettable role in “Senfield”. He died this week. He is 91 years old.

The news of the actor’s death was shared on Facebook by friend and actor Mark Furman. No cause of death was given.

“After 91 years of a good life, my friend Lukutel went home,” Furman wrote. “Film, drama and role actors. Big Larry in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, A** Man in Seinfeld, Grey’s Anatomy S12, Abe in E4.”

“In 1986, he took me to Lucille Ball’s house,” Furman added. “Old Liu rest in peace.”

Kurtel, perhaps best known for his role as a proctologist in the “Sein Fei Zheng Chuan” drama “The Fusilli Jerry”, has a vanity license “Assman” for a specific job, and he is in the Broadway musical “The Young Abe Lincoln” The first breakthrough in the production of 1961.

Kurtel first appeared on TV in the episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” in 1964, and continues to appear in many high-profile series, such as “The Mary Taylor Moore Show”, “Barney Miller”, ” “Korjak” and “Alice” entered the 2010s. His last role was “Grey the Intern” in 2015.

Coulter later went on to star in films such as “Dear, I Shrink the Children”, “Wedding Breaker” and “Piss Adventure”, playing the magical Larry.

Kurtel was born on October 6, 1930, a native of New York.

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