Who is Luana Kazaki? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

Who is Luana Kazaki? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

In Brazil, the Latin American country, a strange case exposed a woman who turned her husband into a “dog” and walked through a train station. This woman’s name is Launa Kajki and her husband’s name is Arthur O Urso. Laura dressed her husband like a dog, tied a leash around his neck, and led him to the busy station. The couple claimed that going to public places like dogs in this way would increase sexual desire.

MRandom News Who is Luana Kazaki? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

With these clothes, the couple tried to increase their sexual desire. All fabrics are made of leather with a chain. During the period, the two were still taking photos at the station. In one of the photos, her husband Arthur tugged at her neck with a chain strap. People were surprised to see the strange behavior of the couple. In the photos you can see how people perceive them.

Arthur said: “People were surprised to see the clothes. Many people also harassed us. The couple’s sexual desire did not stop until the station. They went to other public places. Including markets and bakeries. In a photo, you see Arthur Arthur at sandals assures that this is a different adventure, we tell you that even before this, there have been cases of husbands raising dogs in other countries of the world.

In Canada, the police fined another woman. The woman tied her husband with an iron chain and took him for a walk down the street. The lady told people that she was walking her “dog” of hers. However, not everyone agrees with the idea of ​​turning a husband into a dog. They say that such behavior is not suitable for increasing sexual desire.


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