Lucas Torreira’s moving statement: “I’m not having a great time”

In an interview with ESPN, Lucas torreira He referred to the professional present, but also to the emotions that overwhelm him: “I’m not having a very good time”, the cry of the player who wants to return to South America to be close to his father. In this talk, the current player of the Atlético de Madrid revealed details of his talks with Riquelme and the plan he has for the next season.

«I have it very clear, it is my idea and I want to fulfill it. I want to be close to my family, especially to accompany my father, the one who is suffering the most from the death of my mother. They are two seasons here in Europe in which I am not having a very good time. I always try to be with a smile. They think that everything is fine but it is not like that, “said the Uruguayan player.

“I am an Arsenal player and the clubs will have to agree on a one-year loan. A purchase would be difficult for Boca. I would like to do it now, with 25 years, “said Torreira. Not without first affirming that it is a clear and non-negotiable decision at this point in your life. It should be remembered that the death of his mother was a determining factor in the footballer’s plans.

«I have spoken many times with Riquelme. A year ago, Román lent himself to make a surprise video for a friend on his birthday. He sent me two t-shirts, one for my friend and one for me. That’s where our relationship was born. We always write to each other, like when they did badly with Santos. He thanked me for speaking well of the club, “confessed Lucas Torreira for ESPN.

Torreira’s plan is clear, according to the press in Argentina the player wants to go out on loan for a season to be able to play in Mouth. For their part, the British media assure that the team is willing to contribute to this desire. However, to make it happen, Boca will have to pay a little more than one million euros to have the player’s pass for the established time.

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