Lucene Duarte photos and videos leaked twitter and reddit

For some children, their parents’ past can be important for different reasons, as it sometimes has an impact on their present and future. Some young people are so uncomfortable with their parents’ occupations and activities that they avoid close and personal problems with them.

In some cases, however, these biases are put aside and parents manage to develop a good bond with their children, regardless of the subject. Such was the case of Leonardo Hathaway, who went viral on social networks after sharing a story about living with his mother.

Lucene Duarte is a famous model who has graced the covers of magazines such as Playboy Portugal and FHM Australia. However, the Brazilian competed in the Miss World Bumbum 2019 contest and was crowned champion of that edition.

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Despite her previous sex work, the woman decided to retire to pursue another aspect of life that she was experiencing and she resigned from the profession. However, her 19-year-old son is in charge of supporting her and encouraging her to join the popularity of OnlyFans and generate more income.

According to different British and international media records, Leonardo wants to revive his mother’s career, thus turning the platform into a family business, helping them earn income during the coronavirus pandemic. The young man saw the economic potential of the field and created an account for Lucene.

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Despite the negative comments that began to pour in, Hathaway says there is no Oedipus complex in this case, as all that supported him growing up was loyal support for his mother.

The model’s son spoke to the Daily Star and confirmed that he will always support this side of Duarte, as they both have an “incredible mother-son relationship.”

“I have to support her decisions as much as she supports mine. When people ask me if I support her, I always ask them, ‘Why shouldn’t I?'” he said.

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After a huge success on OnlyFans, it was revealed that Hathaway legally asked his mother that his income on the platform be shared and he would receive 40% of the income.