Luchador Tinieblas Jr. “spanks” his dance partner; he says sorry

The last friday, Mexican wrestler Tinieblas Jr., He became a trend and the recipient of thousands of criticisms, as he touched his dance partner’s butt during a contest.

The Mexican program “Today” has a dance competition where various celebrities participate. Tinieblas Jr. and Macky They had been a team for several weeks, but unexpectedly things changed in an instant.

As they performed their choreography, the wrestler spanked his partner, who was uncomfortable and tried to continue with the presentation, although not with the same enthusiasm, later claimed him.

“We had not spanked, let it be clear, I have supported you throughout this process, but this does seem unacceptable to me; I do not want to continue with a partner who cannot control himself in the euphoria, where do you think you are? ”.

The athlete threatened to leave the competition, Well, I didn’t want to continue working with someone who touched her without her permission.

However, Darkness Jr. He assured that it was the adrenaline of the moment that motivated him to do that act and offered his apologies to his partner.

“I want to offer an apology to my dear Macky, that since we met it was a very beautiful relationship, very beautiful; an apology to the jury, to all the public who are watching us, I am a character for the family, for the children; Latin, he knows me; adrenaline makes you do things that ‘oh dear’ right ?, but you have to keep going; I really, with all my heart, and the respect that I have for you, my dear Macky, an apology “

-The famous Mexicans candidates for positions in politics

The couple was eliminated of the competition for being the one that received the least qualification. Darkness again offered his apologies, which were accepted, although it was clear from the athlete that he was no longer going to work with the masked man.