Luciana Guschmer’s mega pack of videos leaked and photos on Twitter

Andrés Guschmer’s daughter fell in love with Leonardo Campana and made her way into the field of fashion and design. “I am the youngest in the class,” are Luciana Guschmer’s first words when she graduated from school with a charming smile when she was 17 a month ago. After learning that she was the lover of Leonardo Campana, the Barcelona player who won the South American U-20 Championship, her face was popular throughout Ecuador, and she accepted it with total naturalness.

This Guayaquil teenager knows exactly what she wants and her goal is very clear. In June she will open an online photography course, in October she will begin her university career, she has already applied to colleges in Europe. “I am interested in Marangoni. It has different locations in London or Milan. I will study fashion styling and marketing. This has always been my interest, even though I wanted to be an actor as a child (laughs), for me. This is a dream, I grew up with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, I still love Demi Moore, but today my reality is fashion and design, I just focus on this. ” In those childhoods, apart from her father (Andrés Guschmer), there were no other television references. Remember, I am fascinated by the small screen and everything that surrounds it, the characters, the episodes, the movies, the interviews and the behind the scenes.

People who realize that style is created by people are more fashion-inclined. She cited Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid as references, and included Ecuadorian Uti Torres on her list because of her good taste. Another aspect is the kitchen. She recalled that she learned to prepare food with the help of her grandfather Marcelo hers. “My specialty is Italian cuisine. This is also my strength and my weakness (smile), because I don’t eat a lot of carbohydrates and I strive to lead a healthy life.” Traveling is also her passion, and so is her passion for understanding other cultures and other cultures, personalized curiosity. But what about the temperament of this girl with the big eyes and steely personality? “I am an ordinary person and I have absorbed the best of my parents. My mother (María José Coka) is an octopus woman. She does a thousand things at the same time, and everything is perfect for him. My father is a super hard worker, generous and sociable I inherited the best of both. “

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