Lucy Banks videos and photos leaked onlyfans on Twitter, the woman who triumphs

This sexy 31 year old Australian quit her job to become a p0rn star.

Lucy was a bank teller and one day a colleague of hers convinced her to show her sensual curves on the most famous adult content platform of the moment; however, like any woman, she was also afraid of being exposed to the public. Because of work at the bank and the responsibilities of being a mother, I don’t have much time.

At 31 years old, Banksy’s curves are those of a plus size woman, with XL measurements, hips and large breasts. It turns out that she encourages Australians to explore OnlyF and they have become very popular through her content.

According to the Daily Star portal, she is one of the highest paid women on the site today. And so Banksy’s life changed forever. Now that she has more time with her children, she worries that she will produce her p0rn while they sleep.

Three years after her decision, she was earning between 100 and 200 million Colombian pesos a month as of 2019. Lucy says she feels luckier. Time, money and being able to dedicate herself to raising children are the most important aspects for her, for which she says she is very happy.

Another thing that she revealed was that she was absolutely amazed at all the things that clients asked her to do. “I found myself doing a lot of things I never thought I would do. Someone paid me once to oil up my kitchen bench and then oil up my naked body and slide on it!

Furthermore, she added, “I’ve gotten a lot of criticism, but it’s worth it to show up in my son’s childhood, to be able to buy a house and assure my son that there will never be another power outage,” the content creator said. .

As for her eldest son, they were the luckiest. They attend school and private medical services, and also participate in sports and extracurricular activities. Banks also bought her own house, which was her dream when she was 19 years old. “If I didn’t have the income from OnlyF, I wouldn’t be able to buy a house without taking care of the financial responsibilities of my two children,” she explained excitedly.

As for what her children might think of her content, Lucy assures them that they aren’t old enough to talk about relevant topics, so when they grow up, she plans to explain what she does to them while enjoying her financial freedom. and flexibility.