Luisito Comunica is fined at the airport; report abuse of power

The famous youtuber Luisito Communicates, reported that he had to pay a fine of 6,930 pesos (350 dollars) for using his cell phone on the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) when he was waiting for his suitcase.

According to the influencer Mexican, when he reached the end of the air, a police asked him to stop using his cell phone in the baggage reception area; He also threatened to fine him 18,000 pesos ($ 908).

“I was waiting for my suitcase at the airport and They are going to give me a fine of 18 thousand pesos for using my cell phone “In addition, the policeman threatened him to keep his cell phone “I know who you are and I’m going to fine you”, the officer would have said.

And although he assured that the moment the officer decided that he was going to fine him, he was not even recording; in addition to was the only person who was fined while dozens of other travelers were using the mobile phone.

Why only me, I am not the only one who is using the cell phone, there are more people, look there is another one with the cell phone. It is an act of abuse of power ”.

What’s more, Luisito Communicates assured that it took about two hours to pay the fine, which he had to pay in cash, although they gave him a ticket for the same.

And it is that in some areas of the airports it is forbidden to use cell phones, as well as to record the facilities; however, although in some parts it is specified where it cannot be, there are other areas where it is not.