M5 traffic accident today – Accident m25 today

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Traffic data company Inrix said: “Due to accidents, two lanes were closed, long delays and eight miles of queues for traffic. Three cars drove clockwise on M25 between J16 M40 and J17 A412 Denham Way (Maple Cross). Before J15 (M4. From people’s point of view, the traffic on the other side is very slow, return to J2 (Beaconsfield) on M40 eastbound. Journey time is about 35 minutes. “The three-lane and four-lane (four-lane) are still closed. The two-lane has been reopened.

Two of the cars are still in the central reserve.” A national highway spokesperson said: “Due to the collision, lanes 3 and 4 (4 in total) are currently closed clockwise on lanes M25 between J16 and J17 near the Geralds intersection in Buckinghamshire.

“Emergency services, including the Thames Valley Police and the South Central Ambulance Service, are all present. The National Highway has deployed resources to help. “Road users are advised to pay attention to traffic interruptions and allow extra travel time.”

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