Macka Diamond Mum After OnlyF Leaked twitter and reddit, Insider Says Its Time For Her To Retire

Dancehall artist Macka Diamond has decided to remain silent for now after pornographic videos from her Only F account were leaked online.

DancehallMag contacted Dye Dye’s hit producer after the 51-year-old’s video circulated on WhatsApp, but Diamond said she would not comment on the leak.

However, one senior industry insider, who asked not to be named, said he believed the leak was part of a larger publicity stunt to promote Diamond’s new song, Dream Body.

The 40-year veteran said he thought it was time for Macka to quit the industry.

“It’s just tasteless. Absolutely nobody wants to see that,” the insider told DancehallMag.

“She’s a big hit every ten years, but let’s face it, she has to draw the line somewhere. She’s a tall woman, she’s not cute anymore. It’s time for Macka to retire, Or at least put out better, more age-appropriate content,” he added.

In a 2020 interview with Gleaner, producer Mikey Bennett said that older artists like Macka Diamond “have nothing to worry about” when it comes to getting older.

“She knows the game very well and is not at the mercy of any producer; for her, it’s marketing and she understands all the gimmicks. The ballroom has the confidence to excite fans,” Bennett said of McCain.

Macka also told The Gleaner that age doesn’t matter to her as long as the artist “sounds and looks good.”

“People need to stop restricting women and determine the age at which an artist’s career ends. When I look at myself, I’m really proud; I like to age gracefully. There are a lot of unhealthy or dead people who see what I have when people I don’t even think about my age without mentioning it. Saying it always encourages me to come up with something creative to keep it fresh, relevant and lasting,” she said.

Diamond joined OnlyF in September 2020.